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[FIXED] Incident: Sep, 12th 2021 21:15 GMT: Canary frontend reply in Europe might be slow

Rapid.Space Incident. Read the article for real time information.
  • Last Update:2021-09-14
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

14/09/2021 10:00 GMT: New node added to the Canary cluster

The situation is fixed. New node has been added to the cluster in the DNS and it will accept traffic as soon as DNS caches will refresh.

13/09/2021 07:15 GMT: Faulty node removed from the DNS

We removed the faulty node from the DNS. It'll be not used after DNS caches will refresh.

12/09/2021 21:15 GMT: One of Canary nodes in Europe is down and timeouts

We are aware of this situation since 13/09/2021 05:30 GMT and we are in touch with service provider of affected node.