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[FINISHED] Maintenance for China Mobile nodes of Chinary and Premium.CDN clusters

Rapid.Space Maintainance. Read the article for real time information.
  • Last Update:2022-05-31
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

05/31/2022 10:15 GMT Second server fully recovered

Due to edition error of configuration of the second server it became unavailable after reboot. The provider found the root cause and fixed the configuration, all services are running correctly now.

05/31/2022 08:30 GMT Issues with second server

We have issues with second server (move from to, our provider is analysing the situation.

05/31/2022 08:15 GMT First server successfully modified

The first server (move from to has been correctly moved to the new IP address.

05/31/2022 06:30 GMT Rapid.CDN DNS update

As the new IPs are already available, the Rapid.CDN DNS has been updated to the new IPs and we confirm, that content is correctly served.

05/30/2022 12:30 GMT Maintenance announced

It is required to change IP addresses of Chinary and Premium.CDN nodes in China Mobile network.

This operation is planned to be executed at 05/31/2022 08:00 GMT.

There will be short service interruption during the switch and DNS propagation.