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[FINISHED] Maintenance: Sep, 1st 2022 13:00 GMT: Sweden Hydro66 Data Center power off

Rapid.Space Maintainance. Read the article for real time information.
  • Last Update:2022-09-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

09/01/2022 16:45 GMT Hydro66 rack power fully on

All services on the rack are put back online.

09/01/2022 13:00 GMT Hydro66 rack power off

Rapid.Space team will operate a hardware upgrade in the Hydro66 datacenter in Sweden at 13:00 GMT on Thursday, September 1st, 2022. The operation will take 1 hour. During the operation, all the servers will be shutdown and offline. 

In case if there would be impact on the services, this document will be used to provide details about the operation.

The most important services affected are:

  • Premium.CDN and Canary configuration frontend update and creation, existing frontends will be served without interruption
  • lab.nexedi.com
  • www.officejs.com
  • www.erp5.com