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[FINISHED] Maintenance: Sep, 29th 2022 8:30 GMT: OS upgrade on Tokyo machines

Rapid.Space Maintenance. Read the article for real time information.
  • Last Update:2022-09-29
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

29/09/2022 10:00 GMT: FINISHED OS upgrade on Tokyo machines 

On 29/09/2022 10:00 GMT, the OS upgrade is finished for all machines and all services are back online as expected.

29/09/2022 08:30 GMT: START OS upgrade on Tokyo machines 

Starting on 29/09/2022 08:30 GMT we will upgrade all the machines running in our Tokyo datacenter. We will upgrade from Debian 10 to Debian 11 in order to have more recent kernel. You should expect small interruption of service (a few minutes) for each server.