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[FINISHED] Incident: June, 11th 2023 13:43 GMT: Lost external IPv6 connectivity

Rapid.Space Incident. Read the article for real time information.
  • Last Update:2023-06-14
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

13/06/2023 15:37 GMT: issue fixed

BSO fixed the issue but did not provide the full explanation yet.

13/06/2023 14:48 GMT: BSO is still working to fix the issue

BSO replied to the ticket with the following information

Dear Customer,
We are currently checking our field engineers availability to further check this case.
We will get back to you once scheduled is plotted. Thank you.
You can respond to this ticket through the BSO Portal or by replying to this email.


Please note that in order to connect to your machines, you have the following solutions:

  1. use Theia IDE deployed on our infrastructure: you will be able to reach your Theia via its frontend URL and from your terminal, you can reach any IPv6 in the re6st network
  2. install re6st (Rapid.Space SDN) on your own computer to join directly the re6st network

12/06/2023 07:40 GMT: Create ticket with BSO

Our team opened a ticket to BSO so that they investigate the issue.

11/06/2023 13:43 GMT: Lost external IPv6 connectivity. 

Our re6st resilient IPv6 network is using BSO to communicate with outside. It uses 2 gateways: one in Paris and the other one in HK. Since 13:43 GMT, the BSO gateway in Paris lost its IPv6 access to outside thus preventing all machines from inside re6st network to communicate in IPv6 with outside. It also prevents anyone to connect from outside to the machines in re6st network in IPv6.

For now, the consequences are minimal for all SlapOS services:

  • https://panel.rapid.space had the Google authentication failing from the start of the incident to 2023-06-12 9:10 GMT (we are now forcing IPv4 usage so the problem is workarounded)