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[FINISHED] Jul, 25th 2023 09:30 GMT: Upgrade of re6st gateways

Rapid.Space Announcement. Read the article for details.
  • Last Update:2023-07-25
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

24/07/2023: Upgrade postponed

The upgrade was postponed to make sure all important machines were up-to-date before the upgrade.

25/07/2023 08:30 AM GMT: Started upgrade of re6st gateways

At 8:30 AM GMT we started upgrading re6st gateways on both production networks (2001:67c:1254::/48 and 2a11:9ac0::/29)

There was an unexpected issue which caused nodes to lose their re6st default route, making them unable to access IPv6s outside of re6st network.

25/07/2023 09:30 AM GMT: Finished upgrade of re6st gateways

At 09:30 AM GMT all issues were resolved and all gateways were upgraded.